How to Clean Windows

Do you know…. that dirty windows cannot allow the entry of natural light and decrease the brightness in your house? That is why you should clean your windows regularly.

There are some tips to clean your window to facilitate your task.

Tip number 1: if you want to clean the windows without effort, start by choosing a cloudy day (But not a rainy day), because in the warm and sunny days the cleaning is so much difficult and the windows

Tip number 2
: First clean the frames, the blinds and the screens.  Clean the glasses at the end, so they won’t be dirty again.

Tip number 3: If the windows are very dirty, you can pre-wash them with soap and water.


  • Be careful not to fall. Use the proper safety precautions.


  • If you use chemicals, remember to wear gloves.


  • Windows are a fundamental element of the house.  They are not only play a role of decoration, but also they are part of your quality life.
  • Let the professionals help out and do the job for you.